Our Employees at Work- Westchester 2022

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“I love my job so much because I like to do what needs to be done. I unpack boxes and put them on carts.”  Kevin M.

Photo of Kevin M., Regeneron
Photo of Evan C., Wegmans

“Wegmans is my heart. Wegmans is the best job in the world. I got great managers, great staff, great customers. I am the luckiest guy in the world.” Evan C.

“What I enjoyed about working at the AFYA foundation is that the people that work here are really nice and quite fun to be around with. By working at the warehouse, I was able to find and discover new things that I never knew about, such as: organizing medical supplies, finding out how each item plays a role in helping those that are injured and most of all being able to work with my neighbors. Not only that, I was also able to share some of my created artwork with the people around me as well developing the AFYA book which is a big-time project and is a manual with instructions for how to do the tasks that the volunteers help with (sorting, checking expiration dates, counting and quality control)” Traore F.

Photo of Traore F., AFYA
Photo of Shane E. AFYA

“Having a job personally benefits me with the experience and knowledge of working a task that can be difficult especially if it’s something new to me. I have my strengths when working a job but I also have weaknesses that I turn into strengths and use to my advantage when working. Having a job also gives me a sense of responsibility and makes me feel proud to have this job.”  Shane E.

Alberto chose to describe his experience at Walgreens with a quote:

“Sometimes we’re tested, not to show our weakness but to discover our strength.” Unknown

Alberto V.

Photo of Alberto V., Walgreens
Photo of Shevaun M., Walgreens

“Having a job means that I am able to be independent. The impact has been that I am able to buy things so I may continue my hobbies: cosplaying, drawing and gaming. I am also able to do things separate of my parents. As well as treat them. I have also learned how to deal with customers.”

Shevaun M.